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Which delivery and payment conditions are applied to export products to foreign countries?

1/ The Buyer deposits 50% of total order amount when Sales Contract is signed

2/ The Seller is responsible for export and then faxes the shipping document to the Buyer.

3/ The Buyer pays the rest amount to the Seller.

4/ The Seller send the original of shipping document to the Buyer by air for receiving goods.

Where were Yen Nhung products exported?

Yen Nhung products were exported to Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, China and Singapore…

where are Yen Nhung products being sold at Viet Nam?

Yen Nhung products are being sold in the whole shops and supper markets at Vietnam, such as: Metro, BigC, Coop Mark, Maxi Mark....

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